seqfu tail

tail is one of the core subprograms of SeqFu.

It will print the last sequences of a FASTX file (like GNU tail), but can be instructed to skip a number of sequences between each printed one.

Usage: tail [options] [<inputfile> ...]

  -n, --num NUM          Print the first NUM sequences [default: 10]
  -k, --skip SKIP        Print one sequence every SKIP [default: 0]
  -p, --prefix STRING    Rename sequences with prefix + incremental number
  -s, --strip-comments   Remove comments
  -b, --basename         prepend basename to sequence name
  --fasta                Force FASTA output
  --fastq                Force FASTQ output
  --sep STRING       Sequence name fields separator [default: _]
  -q, --fastq-qual INT   FASTQ default quality [default: 33]
  -v, --verbose          Verbose output
  -h, --help             Show this help


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