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A general-purpose program to manipulate and parse information from FASTA/FASTQ files, supporting gzipped input files. Includes functions to interleave and de-interleave FASTQ files, to rename sequences and to count and print statistics on sequence lengths. SeqFu is available for Linux and MacOS.

  • A compiled program delivering high performance analyses
  • Supports FASTA/FASTQ files, also Gzip compressed
  • A growing collection of handy utilities, also for quick inspection of the datasets
  • UNIX like commands but specific for sequences like seqfu cat, seqfu head, seqfu tail, seqfu grep
  • Terminal friendly reports from seqfu stats or seqfu count

Can be easily installed via conda:

conda install -c conda-forge -c bioconda "seqfu>1.0"


Telatin A, Fariselli P, Birolo G. SeqFu: A Suite of Utilities for the Robust and Reproducible Manipulation of Sequence Files. Bioengineering 2021, 8, 59.