Andrea Telatin
Andrea Telatin Senior bioinformatician at the Quadram Institute Bioscience, Norwich.

Taxonomic profiling of whole metagenome shotgun

Taxonomic profiling of whole metagenome shotgun

CLIMB Workshop on Metagenomics taxonomic profiling

Date What
2021-07-05 9.30 Workshop: day 1
  Introduction, QC, Host removal, Kraken2
2021-07-06 9.30 Workshop: day 2
  Bracken, merging results, visualizations
2021-07-07 9.30 Workshop: day 3
  Using R to analyse and visualize the output files


  • Working knowledge of the Linux command line
  • Ability to connect to a remote server via SSH
  • Ability to transfer files via scp (using WinSCP, CyberDuck or the command line)
  • RStudio 4.0 installed in your own computer