Andrea Telatin
Andrea Telatin Senior bioinformatician at the Quadram Institute Bioscience, Norwich.

Bash learning resources

Bash learning resources

Some YouTube videos and tutorials to learn how to use the command line.

Video tutorials

“Lockdown Learning Bioinformatics-along”:

Online tutorials

Happy Belly Bioinformatics

A great website from “Astrobiomike” which covers:

Other resources

  • Ryan’s tutorial - a full tutorial on Linux commands with simple explanations
  • Bash scripting - from Andrea Telatin

  • Learn the linux command line with Ubuntu - A tutorial by Canonical (the company backing Ubuntu, the most popular linux distribution) to learn the linux command line.
  • Linux Professional Institute - Learning - Learning is an initiative of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and supports you in preparing for our Linux and open source certifications.
  • duke-hts-2018 - A full Linux training for beginner from Duke University. It is based on Python notebooks so not the “real terminal”, but the main ideas are the same.